Book Two, Lesson Four

Book Two, Lesson Four

Lesson IV - Desire

Father, let Thy desires be my desires. Let my desires, God, be Thy desires, in spirit and in truth. 262-60

[Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-64 through 262-72]
Desire originates in the will. It is of the earth and of the spirit. It is activated, in the realms in which it is directed, by that which is the motivating force, through the will and the mental abilities and faculties of the individual. (See 262-64.)

[Desire] is the basis of evolution, and of life, and of truth. It also takes hold on hell and paves the way for many [who] find themselves oft therein. In spirit, in body, in mind. 262-60

Desire is the power which drives our physical, our spiritual self, while will is the directing force. The positions in which we find ourselves are drawn to us through our desires. Whatever we are physically, mentally, or spiritually has been built through desire.

Physical Desires
It is written in the Scriptures, "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Biologically, we make ourselves as animals on the physical plane with three primary urges-self-preservation, propagation of the species, and hunger. These three are forces in us and animals that are instincts. If by the force of will we use them for self-aggrandizement, they then become material desires, and are the basis of carnal influences. In so doing we belittle our spiritual or soul body.

The basis of physical desire is adding to, contributing to, or gathering together, in forces, that which makes for the abilities of each of us to revel in those urges that are of the animal nature. If we are governed by these, there is no recourse for us other than through spirit. Our soul was created as a companion with the Creator, able to become aware of itself, yet with influences that require the spiritualizing of the creative power of will. This develops god-likeness in the soul or activity. (See 262-63.)

... spirit moves in the direction in which it is motivated by will and desire. 262-64

Physical desires which are not spiritualized hinder the development of the consciousness of oneness with God.

"I asked in prayer for three things. All of them were physical desires. One was for the protection of the name of the family, one for comfort, one for some work to do. The prayer was answered, but it did not bring either peace or harmony, only discord, trouble and greater responsibility. In whatever place we find ourselves, if we have the Christ spirit, we will have peace."

Mental Desires
Desire is that impulse which makes for activity of the mental body, whether the impulse is produced from the environ that affects the physical organism, or that which arouses the spiritual or soul body to an activity.

Our physical desires that remain carnal in purpose may become powers for evil when strengthened by a mind that is evil in its intent. The mind in humankind, with its ability to make comparisons, to reason, to have reactions through the senses, can be raised to such forces of activity that it creates for us the environs about us, and changes even our hereditary influences.

Our mental desires that are to laud ourselves, to appraise ourselves, above our fellow humans, make it possible for carnal desires to become stumbling blocks in our experiences. It is one of the immutable laws that whatever the mind of a soul dwells upon, that it becomes; for mind is the builder. If our mind is in attunement with the law of force that brought the soul into being, it becomes spiritualized in its activity; if our mind dwells upon or is directed toward carnal influences, then it becomes destructive.

Let Thy will, O God, be my desire! Let the desire of my heart, my body, my mind, be Thy will, О Father, in the experiences that I may have in the earth! 262-63

When we make our lives and activities in accord with the laws that are manifested in spiritual attributes, we find that we grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding of His ways. Let us pray, "Lord, use us; let that which Thou seest is best be done in and through us at this time." Let that mind be in us that was in Him, who asked nothing for Himself, but went about doing good.

Our purpose and our will stimulate desires that grow and take hold upon the mind as do habits upon our bodies. Let us again remind ourselves that our mind is the builder, regardless of whether it has its inception from spiritual forces or from carnal forces. If we would grow, we must keep our mind in constructive channels. We know that the source of all that builds is He who has declared that He is the way, the truth and the light. The earth was brought into being by Him. We are His by creation, His by possession, His through those promises given to the children of mortals. What is our desire? What will we do with this man called Christ?

Spiritual Desires
Let us empty ourselves of desires that are physical in purpose, that our spiritual attitude may be glorified in our walks before our fellow human beings. Our greater soul development may be found by losing sight of ourselves, by spiritualizing our material desires, and by seeking more and more the Christ Consciousness. In the garden when the Master prayed, "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will," we see the flesh warring with the spirit itself and physical desire spiritualized.

In making our physical desires one with the will of the Father, we will pass through conditions in our experience similar to those of Jesus, who became the Christ. Pray then that His will be done in us, and through us, that we may desire to be channels of blessing to others, in the ways and manners that He sees best. "Not our way, О Lord, but Thy way." This is spiritualizing physical desires.

In studying desire, we may question in our mind as to whether it is necessary for us to give up all physical desires in order to develop spiritually. It is not necessary to give them up, but it is necessary to spiritualize them, that our desires may be His desires, and His desires, our desires. "And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also," are examples of spiritualizing desire, for in so doing the desire for vengeance becomes spiritualized through love and forgiveness.

This experience is an illustration: "I had reached the place where I must choose whether I should take my place with those who are preparing the way for the coming of His Kingdom, or accept the ease and pleasure the world offered me. It was a great comfort to me to know that the Master had a similar choice to make, and that in love He overcame desires of the flesh. My prayer was, I cannot bear this alone, my Savior, my Christ, I seek thy aid."

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of love and forbearance. To be like Him we must spiritualize the desire to get even by doing good to all for His name's sake. We must desire that the Lord will use us as channels of blessing to all whom we contact day by day, and that there may come in our experience whatever is necessary that we may be cleansed completely; for when our soul shines forth in our daily walks, in our conversation, in our thoughts, in our meditation, we spiritualize our desires in the earth.

As He has given, "It must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!" Let our desires be so unselfish that we may never sin against our fellow human. We must be the arm, the shoulder, the one upon whom some may lean as they come in their experience to the knowledge of the love of Christ.

When we have suffered through the acts of others and can realize that the suffering has made us more gentle, more considerate, when we regard with compassion the one who caused the suffering, and desire that nothing but good may come to that person, then our desire for revenge has been changed into a spiritual desire.

Physical forces are in the material realms of activity. Mental forces are both spiritual and physical in their reaction to the body and to conditions mental, spiritual and physical which surround us. If our purposes are spiritual, and we hold to them, we are more able to meet and overcome adverse conditions in the material. Every force, every power, that is manifesting as a force in the material has its inception in spirit; and when applications are made of a material nature, they must coordinate with the mental, the spiritual, the physical, in order that greater and better conditions may be manifested in material things.

His mercies are sufficient unto those who put their trust in Him. Has the Father changed? Has He faltered in His promises? He has promised to meet all after the pattern given on the Mount. "Draw nigh to God." "... so shall ye be my people, and I will be your God." His children are those whose desires are His desires. When we hold such attitudes we have no fear, for "perfect love casteth out fear."

The Wisdom of Unselfish Desire
If our activities are such as to bring into our experience the satisfaction of selfish interests for fame, fortune, position, and to be well-spoken of, they are physical. If they are such as to bring into our life the desire to express love, patience, long-suffering, gentleness, kindness, service to others, then they make for spiritual development. If we desire to know whether we have chosen wisely, we should ask ourselves, "What is the desire that is being gratified by the attributes of the relationships being sought?" If it is for aggrandizement of self's own physical desires, then it is carnal. If it is for creating a channel for an expression of good, then it is spiritual. As to the choices, these we ourselves must make. What we sow we must reap. Ambition, unless it is tested in God's crucible, is of itself sin. Not that we should not be ambitious-no-but rather ambitious that God should be the guide, and not self.

When we view ourselves either from the spiritual, the mental, or the material plane, we may see reflected in our experience just how we have meted out the knowledge we have known. What we do with our abilities, our opportunities, brings forth fruit in due season. We find ourselves either at peace within, or filled with doubt, fear and consternation. Would we have peace? then let us make life peaceful to those whom we love, to those against whom we have a grudge, to those whom we do not care for. If we would have love, then let us be lovable even to those that show, in our own understanding, disregard for His ways. For the events of life are the experiences and expressions of a soul seeking. What in the experience of humanity can be more direful, more dreadful, than to be lost, yet seeking? Fear and trembling assail us, yet- will we let Him in? His spirit maketh our spirit and soul aware of the love of the Father. The toil and strife are for just a little while. We are living now in eternity.

Let praise and honor be in our purpose toward those things that make us aware of His Presence abiding with us; for His promises are sure, and they who walk with Him shall know Him.

The Price must be paid! There is no such thing as receiving without giving. If we would have life we must give life. If we would have joy we must make joy in the lives of others. If we would have peace and harmony we must create peace in self and in our relationships with others. This is the law, for like begets like. We do not gather olives from thistles, or apples from bramble bushes, neither do we find love in hate.

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, О Lord, my strength and my redeemer." May we in wisdom choose Thy desire to be our desire.

Know that what we choose to do has a constructive influence within ourselves and those about us; else beware. Those things that bring pleasure and ease in material associations in our life are not at fault unless we worship them or use them selfishly. Things of the earth will pass away, but love that sustains in the hour of testing abides with us always. Knowing this, let us keep the earth singing. This can be done as we look deeper into the heart of the rose, listen to the song of the bird, see the paintings of His face in the setting sun, see the loveliness in the moonbeam that turns all into the radiance of His glory, see in the raindrop, the storm, all nature, and even in those ugly things in people's lives, the desire for expressing love rather than hate, harmony rather than discord! As to results, leave them to Him who gives life, who takes life; for The earth is the Lord's... and they that dwell therein."" Let us fill our minds with the desire to know that we are the Lord's, and He will work in us and through us, guiding our hands and our feet and our walks in the paths of life, that we may be channels of blessing to all whom we meet.

Come-come! Let us make known our desires in the light of that which has been promised by Him, who is the Light and the Way, to those who seek to know more of the Father's will. Let us make known the desire of the heart, that we may be one with Him. We must not faint at the trials, at the temptations, at the weaknesses; for He has called us. Will we not harken? He is able to fulfill that which He has promised into our material, mental and spiritual experience. Let not evil overcome us, but let us overcome evil in His name.

Each soul goes on from things terrestrial to things celestial, from things material to things mental and spiritual, and in each of these realms the consciousness of the soul seeks expression in that particular field of activity which it has built within its own inner self. The soul lives on that it may become more and more aware of abiding, and living, and being in the Christ Consciousness.

Come, my children, ye that seek the Lord; He is nigh unto thee. Thou hast purposed well in thine studies, in thine preparation for those that would seek through these channels to know more of what thy Lord, thy God, would have them to do. Be not satisfied, but rather content in that ye are being a channel of blessing to thy fellow man. Thou are as the leaven that will leaven the whole, for some there be among you that will hear His voice-and He will walk and talk with those that are willing, joyously, that He, thy brother, thy Christ, thy Savior, would direct thy ways. Keep the faith. 262-67

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done; as in heaven, so in earth. Give us for tomorrow the needs of the body. Forget those trespasses as we forgive those that have trespassed and do trespass against us. Be Thou the guide in the time of trouble, turmoil and temptation. Lead us in paths of righteousness for Thy name's sake. 378-44

Come ye children that seek the light! Bow thine heads in praise to the Son. For, the way for each of you that would seek His face, is being opened before thee. The Son of Man, the Christ, thy Lord is among thee even in thine heart-if ye will but open the door to Him! 262-63

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