Book Two, Lesson Three

Book Two, Lesson Three

Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth

May the desire of my heart be such that I may become more and more aware of the spirit of the Father, through the Christ, manifesting in me. 262-57

[Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-57 through 262-60]
The purpose of this lesson is that there may be known to each of us how, when and in what manner we may be conscious of the spirit manifesting through us in material things. (See 262-60.)

This achievement in a great measure will depend upon the application of the teachings found in our previous lessons. Each lesson is a step in a search for God until we come into full realization of His Presence abiding with us.

The Great Question
What is our concept of God? Is God in our life only a fact, an all-wise, all-inclusive, all-manifesting force, or is He a loving and forgiving Father?

No one deep within oneself doubts that God is a fact. All realize that life itself is a mystery beyond the explanation of the wisest, and that there must be a source from which it springs. People have called this source by many names but all have been moved by the intricacy and perfection of the universe. In the minds of many there is no need to seek another state of consciousness, for the Force supplies bountifully the wants of all who labor. It manifests in all things, and at all times; certainly, they say-God is a fact.

Then, how may we come to know God as our Father? God is a Father only to those who seek Him. Те shall be my people, and I will be your God." So, as we, who apply that which we know of the Father's will, go about thinking-and thinking in such a manner that the words of the mouth and the activity of the hands bespeak the will of the Father-then, this activity, this thought, makes us the channel through which the manifestations come.

For, who may know in the earth the heart of the mother save a mother? Who may know the will of the Father, God, save those that put into the acts of their hands, in the thoughts of their minds, those things that He has given and as He shows forth in the experience of all men from day to day?

So simple, then, is it to know the Father that all stumble in that they think of themselves more highly than they ought to think. 262-58

Instead of seeking to be channels through which the Father may make His love and His glory manifest in the earth, we often, in our selfishness, seek our own ends.

Be rather as a channel through which the Father may make His love, His glory, manifest in the earth. Listen to the voice from within. For, He is very nigh unto each of you, if ye will but look within. And that thou experienceth with the desire that thy self be nothing, that the Father, the Christ, may be glorified in the earth, brings to the experience of all the consciousness of being a manifestation of the love of the Father to the sons of men...

What are the manifestations of the Father? The fruits of the spirit. Gentleness, kindness, the loving word, patience, hope, persistence, and-above all-consistency in thy acts and in thy speech. Be ye glorious in thine activity. Be ye joyous in thy words. For, happy is the man [who] knoweth that his life bespeaks that the Son and the Spirit of Truth directs the words and the activities of his body! 262-58

A question which naturally arises is, "How can we interpret some of the words and acts of others as manifestations of God, when they hurt us so much?" Condemn not in words, in thoughts or activity, that you be not condemned. Be angry and sin not. Be patient, seven times seven forgive; yes, seventy times seven. (See 262-59.)

We should see in every experience of activity of another our attempt to express, to manifest, our concept of divine reality. Each one of us as we give expression in thought, or in act, shows what is the impelling influence in our experience. We must not be a judge or a faultfinder; but, rather, be merciful to those who err; for they know not what they do.

God, the Father
Do we know God as a loving Father? If we have not had the experience, why are we afraid? Are we too lazy? Are we willing to accept and use the abundance that is set before us, to enjoy the pleasures and bounties of a divinely created world, without a thought of a great Force behind and in all things? This failure to recognize that which is the essence of life, leads us to self-indulgence and self-gratification, whereby we increase the misery of our fellow human beings and bring turmoil and suffering upon ourselves.

To know our relationship with the Father we have to pass often through trials and sufferings. That is not God's way of finding us, but our way of coming into realization that we are on the wrong road. All of our trials have been of our own making. The longer we fail to acknowledge this fact, and fail to do anything about it, the longer we are in coming into our full relationship with the Father. Let us remember that only self stands in our way.

Jesus, the Christ, is the greatest example of the Father's love. Through the teachings presented by the Son, God has shown an understanding of each heart, a willingness to bring peace to each soul that will turn toward Him.

The Manifestations of the Father in the Earth
The children of the Father seek to manifest His spirit in the earth. It is the law. Like begets like.

We are each a corpuscle in the body of God, performing our individual function.

We and God do not measure greatness in the same manner. The truly great are those who have the spirit of love, never those who march to power through the blood of their fellow humans. One seeks for self glory, the other is selfless in glory. As we study the lives of those who, under great difficulties, have expressed the fruits of the spirit, and observe how the world has been made better through their efforts, it should give us courage to do faithfully that which we find to do.

The Master has told us He has gone to the Father; that is, become one in consciousness with the Father; and that whatever we ask in His name, the Father will give to us, that He, the Savior, the Christ, may be glorified in the earth. If we are His we should know that the answers to our prayers are to His Glory, and for our good.

It is often necessary that we be tried as by fire. The fires of the body, the fires of desire, the fires of the flesh, the fires of the carnal forces, must be burned up.

When conditions and circumstances bring experiences to us that try our souls, and we search in anguish for a reason for it all, we may realize a deep and abiding joy and peace in calling to mind the admonition, "Be still, and know that I am God."

When there are those activities in a material world that bring about the forces or influences wherein there may be the action of a soul in its development, it may be often counted to some as sin or error, while in reality it may be only mercy to that soul from an all-wise and beneficent Father, who is directing, planning, giving the soul an opportunity for the use of that which may come into the soul's experience in the material plane. What the soul, through its body and mind and their attributes, does about the knowledge, the consciousness of the indwelling of the spirit of life through the Christ in the earth, is the opportunity for that soul to develop. Therefore, when we condemn, it is a selfish manifestation, and is an attempt, as was the first sin, to blame on another that which we ourselves have done, else we would not recognize it.

Perfect Manifestation in the Earth
If we would know the love of the Father (that has been manifested through His Son, who overcame sin, error, disease, and even death itself in the material plane), then let us rely on the power of His indwelling presence and have a greater knowledge, a greater understanding of the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Life, in our experience.

To accomplish this we do not have to shut ourselves away from our friends, our associates, or even our enemies. The Master never did. If it is our purpose to manifest perfectly the fruits of the Spirit, this is possible through our manner of living. We should seek, therefore, to know His way for us. This cannot be achieved by denying the existence of sin or error. It is true that sin and error are not of God except through our willful disobedience. If there is in us the manifestation of greed, avarice, hate, selfishness, unkindness, ungodliness in our life, they will bring their fruit-contention, strife, hate, avarice, and separatenees from the light. Those who have turned their face from the light of God can see only shadows and darkness. Yet, if they will turn to the Father of love as manifested in the earth through the Christ, even in this life there may be seen the light and the glory of a new birth. "... for His mercy endureth forever."

The Father has not left His children alone, but for every temptation has prepared a way of escape. Should we be less merciful? We were in the beginning made children of God, yet few of us act as His children.

We can understand better perfect manifestation in the earth, when we comprehend, when we realize that there is no time, no space, and that the divinity of the man Jesus was perfect in His own activity in the earth; for it (His sacrifice) was offered even from the first. (See 262-57.)

If we would be perfect manifestations then, let us be ready to forgive, even as our Master did. He did not set any moral law but that of which the soul of humankind was conscious. So, we may know that within dwells the spirit of God, that which quickens if we will acknowledge His power and His divine right with us. When the Master lived among people His presence cleansed all who sought relief from physical disease, and better prepared them to manifest the fruits of the Spirit in their lives. He did not save their bodies from the grave or transition from one sphere to another, but He quickened their souls and their minds to such a degree that they would cry as Joshua of old-"... as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Throughout the experience of humanity in the material world, at various seasons and periods, would-be teachers have come; setting up certain forms or certain theories as to manners in which individuals shall control the appetites of the body or of the mind, so as to attain to some particular phase of development.

There has also come a teacher who was bold enough to declare himself as the son of the living God. He set no rules of appetite.

men should do to you, do ye even so to them," and to know, inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker. He declared that the kingdom of heaven is within each individual, and that each through meditation upon the fact that God is the Father of all could become aware of the kingdom. Such a teacher became the Christ. Here, then, you find a friend, a brother, a companion. As He gave, "I call you not servants... but I have called you friends." For, as many as believe, to them He gives power to become the children of God, the Father; joint heirs with this Jesus, the Christ, in the knowledge and in the awareness of this presence abiding ever with those who set this ideal before them.

What, then, is this One as an ideal?
As concerning our fellow human beings, He taught that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us, to take no thought, to worry not, to be not overanxious about the body, for He knows what things we have need of. Then we should realize that in the place, in the consciousness in which we find ourself, today, is that which is needed for our greater, our better, and more wonderful unfoldment.

But today HEAR His voice, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The Lord loveth those who put their trust WHOLLY in Him.

This, then, is that attitude of mind that puts away hate, malice, anxiety, jealousy. And in their stead, since mind is the builder, creates the fruits of the spirit; love, patience, mercy, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness. And against these, there is no law. They break down barriers, they bring peace and harmony, they bring the outlook upon life of not finding fault because someone "forgot," someone's judgment was bad, someone was selfish today. These ye can overlook, for so did He.

In His own experience with those whom He had chosen out of the world, if He had held disappointment in their leaving Him to the mercies of an indignant high priest, a determined lawyer and an unjust steward, what would have been thy hope, thy promise today?

We Are Manifestations of God
Let each of us, in our meditations, in our study, in our observations of the concepts in this lesson, make applications of whatever spiritual law we become conscious of through our individual experiences. For, as He taught, we may call Lord, Lord, even may heal the sick, may cast out demons in His name, and yet not be accepted in His eight. The lives of those who make profession of their associations with Him must bring forth manifestations of those things that are of the spirit, of the fruits of the spirit. "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

What are the manifestations of the Father in the earth? To do good to all people, to manifest the fruits of the Spirit in our thoughts and in our acts, as we meet our fellow humans in their own conditions where troubles, doubts, fears and distresses assail them. As we manifest the fruits of the Christ, of the Christ Consciousness, in our words, our acts, in our dwelling with others, we will, as the Christ, manifest in the earth good to all, whether they are of His fold or those who reject that which He lived and taught. In this manner the Son manifested the Father in the earth: sо in Him we have an example.

As we apply those truths that we know, we will come to those experiences where we may be lamps to the feet of the wayward, an aid to those who seek, a light to those who have gone astray, a guiding hand to those who would know more and more of the love of the Father as it manifests in the acts, the thoughts, the lives of His followers.

What is our light? What is our guide? Have we tried just being kind in order to see how this law operates in the experience of our neighbor?

A smile raised hope; that hope made possible activity; that activity made a haven for some discouraged, disheartened soul.

Let us smile though the heavens fall; though we may become as naught in a world of selfishness, we may rejoice in the light of Him who has given Himself for our redemption.

Let Him, the Christ, be the guide. Let Him build for thee the mansion, rather than with thine own puny hands where moth and rust doth corrupt and where those that unconsciously in their stumbling manners oft make the road rough for thee. Forgive them, if ye would be forgiven. Hold not a grudge, for that which is thine may not be taken from thee lest thou alone cast it aside by envy, strife, unkind thoughts, unkind acts, and thus destroy that thou lovest most-life! 262-60

How long has been the cry, "Hasten, О Lord, the day of Thy kingdom in the earth," of those who have manifested the glory of the Father through the Son. What are the promises that the Son has given? "I go to prepare a place for you... that where I am [in consciousness], there ye may be also." "I will come again, and receive you unto myself." As we attune our mind and our body-activity into that consciousness, our desires hasten the day. While the merciful kindness of the Father has, in the eyes of many, delayed the coming, and many, as were the children of Israel, are ready to say, "Make us gods, which shall go before us." In patience, in listening, in being still, may ye know that the Lord does all things well. Be not weary that He apparently prolongs His time, for, as the Master has given, as to the day, no one knows, not even the Son, but the Father and they to whom the Father may reveal it. The Son prepared the way that all people may know the love of the Father in the earth. Into our keeping, to us His children He has committed the keeping of, the saving of the world. Then know that as our minds, as our hearts desire more and more for the glorifying of the Son in the earth, for the coming of the day of the Lord, He draws very nigh unto us.

Keep thine heart and thine mind singing in the glory of the manifestations, of the beauty and of the glory of the Father in the earth, as thou hast seen manifest among men...

Keep in the way that thou knowest to do, for He requires not other than that ye be true to that thou knowest in thine heart to do. For He calleth those by name that have named the name of the Christ and that keep His ways, and through such may the love of the Father, through the Son be manifest in the earth. 262-58

Lead me, О Father, just for today, that I may be used as a channel of blessing, that I may today manifest Thy love through my association with those I contact for as I show forth Thy love in the earth to my fellow man, the promise comes to me that Thou wilt guide, guard, protect and comfort me in the ways that I go. 262-60

Keep ye all in the Way. Be happy. Be joyous. And may love and mercy and peace, that cometh from the Father to those who use themselves in His service, be with thee. Amen. 281-19

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